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Cure Natural Aqua Gel 250g

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How to use:

After washing your face, dry your face with towel, apply the gel onto parts you are concerned abut, massage gently. When the white beads finally appear, wash your skin.

Components and explanations:

Water = 90.66%
Most cosmetics produced at the factory used refined/purified water from tap water, but because the manufacturer wants to be commited in giving the best, the purified water for Cure is converted to active hydrogen water that contains energy.

Glycerol = 5%

The moisturising ingredient which has been used for a long time for its excellent hygroscopicity (ability to absorb water). Its safety is also considered to be extremely high, and it is widely used in general.

Crosspolymer (alkyl acrylate: C 10 - 30)

As a product, it is called Carbopol, the liquid that the doctor applies to eyeball during eye surgery.

Dicocodimonium chloride · steatrimonium bromide

This is used to tackle dirt and skin thickening. Often used for hair conditioners and treatments.

Aloe vera leaf extract

Moisturising, whitening, and keeping your skin firm.

Ginko biloba extract = less than 1%

Extracted from ginkgo biloba. It is a component expected to have moisten and prevent spots/freckles.

Rosemary extract = less than 1

Excellent antibacterial / anti-inflammatory effect, it is a component expected to be effective for skin troubles such as rough skin and acne.

BG (butylene glycol) = less than 1%

Colourless and odorless liquid moisturizing ingredient. It is widely used for moisturising purpose, witheven more refreshing feeling than glycerin.

Isopropanol = less than 0.33%

It is a component naturally contained in foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and alcoholic beverages. For this product, it is used as a solvent component (for mixing) of stearyl trimonium promide.


First time ordering from this seller, great quick delivery packaged well, with the product itself being amazing! I had read a lot of good reviews about this product and was not disappointed when using it. I will definetly be purchasing this product again from this seller.

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