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Mediheal Masking Layering Ampoule

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# Hydra Shot :::: Skin Density and Moisture Management

Hydra Complex is formulated and supplies moisture and nourishment deep into the skin to create moist and bright skin.

Main ingredients: grapefruit extract 55%, sodium hyaluronate, ceramide NP etc.

#Exceltoning Shot :::: Skin energy and gloss management

The Excel Toning Complex is formulated and supplies sedative and moisturising ingredients deep into the skin and leads to skin that is full of gloss.Main ingredients: Silvia leaf extract 73%, tea tree extract, madecasside etc.

#Poreminor Shot :::: Skin Elasticity and Pore Management

Pore minor complex is added, and pore tightening ingredients are supplied deep into the skin, leading to a smooth, moist skin.

Main ingredients: Wild geranium extract 69%, trehalose, allantoin etc.

Three levels of painting to absorb and durable from the skin

A new style of new concept ampule

# 3 rarling # 3 times use # 3 bottle centralised management

# Whitening · wrinkle remedy

1st Boosting active energy transfer

2nd Consentrating centralised supply of energy

3rd Keeping skin protection film generation

"Special design airtight cap" to prevent contamination due to invasion of external air

How to Use

1. After cleansing, unpack the ampoule.

* If it remains, close the cap and store it

2. Make sure the contents are coming out by standing the container at right angle.

3. Tilt directly to the face at an angle of about 45 to 60 degrees, drop the contents to cheeks and foreheads about 2 to 3 drops, and let it gently massage so as to absorb it.

4. Move the third action twice more to mask the skin perfectly.

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