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Shiro ashi Hime White Princess Legs Whitening Milk 120ml

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Our legs are often the biggest target for damage starting at an early age. Didn’t you scrape your knees growing up? Now that we’re all adults, there’s a whole new set of problems we have to worry about: the appearance of birthmarks, clogged pores, scars… do you think about how these things affect your choice of clothing and shoes?

Focus on caring for your legs when you’re not using them

White Princess Legs Whitening Milk is a sister product of White Princess Legs, which gives you smooth white legs in as little as 10 seconds, covering those unsightly dark spots.

While White Princess Legs is ideal for use during your morning routine when you don’t have time to let the effects of moisturisers go to work, White Princess Legs Whitening Milk is best applied just before bed. Whitening ingredients have all night to penetrate the skin and moisturise those dull, dry spots giving you trouble. Spots and freckles are no longer a concern.

The result? Beautiful white legs worthy of a princess. 

Why do you need White Princess Legs Whitening Milk?

Our legs are constantly facing superficial damage. Blackheads, clogged pores, ingrown hair, scars, dry skin, sunburn, nicks from shaving, insect bites, and other spots all contribute to our appearance when legs are concerned. Because these issues may deter you from waxing or even shaving, you need a solution that gives you the flexibility to show off your legs while still looking presentable.

Just apply it before bedtime for whitening and moisturising

While you sleep, whitening ingredients work on your legs to smooth rough and dry skin, while rich moisturiser is absorbed and gives you a look you can be proud of in the morning.

How does it work? There are three parts of White Princess Legs Whitening Milk working simultaneously. Placenta extract helps prevent the formation of melanin in the skin, moisturising ingredients like shea butter and beeswax help fight dryness, and anti-inflammatories soothe any redness from shaving or other injuries.

How to use White Princess Legs Whitening Milk

Squeeze an appropriate amount out of the tube and apply it to clean, dry skin. Please do not rinse off the cream after application.

Although you can certainly apply White Princess Legs Whitening Milk to all areas on both your legs, from your toes to the tops of your thighs, the cream can focus on any one particular area giving you trouble. Even if you want to use it on your arms and watch the results, it’s ok! White Princess Legs Whitening Milk is effective anywhere on the body.

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